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What Is Reiki?


Reiki is a natural alternative healing technique that can be effective in reducing stress, decreasing pain; and allowing deep relaxation. Reiki’s goal is to increase wellbeing and happiness within.

From the Japanese word meaning “universal life force” Reiki is a simple technique  that consists of  laying on  hands. The patient receives universal energy through the hands of certified practitioners. It is a very simple technique allowing deep relaxation and comfort. Patients are treated fully clothed and in a comfortable reclining position.

Where did Reiki come from?

  • Reiki is an ancient healing method that was rediscovered in the mid-1880’s and is now available to the world. We owe its rediscovery to Dr. Mikao Usui who established the Usui Ryoho Reiki System in Japan.
  • Hawayo Takata, a woman from Hawaii, introduced Reiki to the United States and Europe.

Reiki Highlights

  • Allows deep relaxation
  • Releases stress
  • Relieves pain
  • Revitalizes
  • Expands your spiritual path
  • Teaches self-healing of the mind body and spirit

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