• Urgent Care
  • Sick Visits
  • Colds
  • Respiratory & Urinary Infection
  • HIV Diagnosis & Treatment
  • STI Diagnosis & Treatment
  • PrEP & Pep
  • Follow up From Emergency
  • Follow up & In Clinic Appointments
  • Lab / Blood Work Referral
  • Focused Wellness Visits & Focused Exams

HOW TO START YOUR VISIT (on the day of your appointment)

1Choose your device

Pick a device with a camera and mic that you feel comfortable with. We suggest using a computer or tablet, if possible.
2Go to registration page

The day before your appointment, we will send a text and an email with a link for registration. Please click and register the DAY BEFORE, in order to keep your appointment from being delayed or rescheduled.
3Start registration

Click “get started” to fill out your information
4Entering the waiting room

After registering the day before, you will receive a link 15 minutes before your appointment to enter the virtual waiting room.
5Start camera

Give permission to enable the camera. You will be asked to take a picture of yourself, your insurance card and ID.
6Start session

Click on the orange “Start Telemedicine Session” button
7Give access to camera and mic

Click “Get Started” to fill out your information
8Wait for appointment to begin

You are now in the waiting room. Please be patient while Dr. King finishes his previous appointment. Take this time to gather your questions and relax.